Wired Sky’s Top 5 Tech Innovations to Amplify Your Event

Wired Sky's Top 5 Tech Innovations to Amplify Your Event

Wired Sky’s Top 5 Tech Innovations to Amplify Your Event




    Mobile event apps are becoming more and more sophisticated, driving engagement, personalised services and analytics that help improve event performance. Here are two innovative companies taking mobile event apps to new heights.

    DoubleDutch: doubledutch.me

    DoubleDutch provides a complete end-to-end solution that allows you to schedule push notifications to reach all or a select group of attendees at strategic times. Along with a whole host of other features, DoubleDutch has an analytics platform that can identify which sessions, speakers, and exhibitors are buzzing—and which ones need extra attention—before it’s too late.

    CrowdMics: crowdmics.com

    Crowd Mics uses the audience’s phones as wireless mics. No more “can we get a mic over here?” Features like text commenting and live polling gives the presenter a quick pulse of the crowd.


    Much has been written about ‘beacons’ (also known as iBeacon or BLE) since Apple quietly announced iBeacon in June, 2013. Journalists have been quick to label the technology as “game-changing” but what benefit do beacons bring to your event?

    Beacon technology works off ‘proximity.’ which is profoundly different to ‘location’.  Location services know that you are in a general location, let’s say the Sydney Showgrounds, as an example. But, beacons know exactly where you are in relation to every other location inside the Showgrounds, and can deliver relevant information or content about the specific stand or product in front of you. It knows this detail down to a few centimetres.

    Companies like TurnoutNow are using beacons to deliver qualified leads and real-time, actionable insights allowing organisers to provide an attendee experience like never before.


    When so much of your event experience is centred around an event app, ‘Low Battery’ can be a problem for event organisers and attendees.

    A growing number of events are now employing a lounge area where people and smartphones, can go to relax and recharge.  In this situation, the Powermat Ring is the ideal solution. How does it work? Simply plug your Ring into your smartphone and place on a Powermat Spot to start charging.

    Powermat charges your devices just as fast as a cord while being conveniently within reach (no more crawling around looking for outlets).

    The Powermat Ring comes in multiple colours and fits all Android and iPhone mobile devices.


    Event attendees expect technology to deliver what they need, when they need it.  In this age of ‘always on’ connectivity, a premium wi-fi service is of paramount importance. Especially for indoor events where carrier services are often non-existent.

    Wired Sky developed a wi-fi service that delivers much more than just internet connectivity.  Sprockit Wi-fi allows attendees to login to the wi-fi network with their social media profiles, allowing a faster, frictionless experience.  This also allows the event organiser to identify repeat visitors to the network, across multiple sites and locations.

    Sprockit uses location-based services to track devices as they move through the wi-fi coverage area, Sprockit then overlays this data on a two-dimensional map, allowing event organisers to measure dwell times and footfall activity. Unlike, beacon technology, this can be achieved without an app.


    Encouraging your attendees to engage with and actively promote your event, via social media, can have huge benefits for your event and brand. Here are two Australian companies leading the charge.

    Stackla: Stackla.com

    Stackla is a social content marketing platform that curates user-generated content and displays that content on large screens at your event. These beautiful displays often become a rallying point for your attendees as they watch live social feeds, from other attendees, update in real time.

    Local Measure: getlocalmeasure.com

    Local Measure allows you to filter through large amounts of content to identify and engage with influential attendees. It helps to keep informed of incidents at your venue in real time. Spot guests celebrating special, deals or connections and reward them to build brand advocates.

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Matt Hall – Managing Director, Wired Sky matt.hall@wiredsky.com.au